Launch (download) the FuturesMonitortm

Welcome to the FuturesMonitortm. You're about to join the growing fan club for one of the best trading tools on the Internet. Traders who are serious about getting results need a window on the markets and that window is the FuturesMonitortm.

Please follow the steps below to download the FuturesMonitortm and install it on your machine.

Please note that this desktop application is ONLY available for Windows users. It is designed for those machines running Windows 9x/NT/ME/2000/XP.

Step 1.
By clicking on the link below to download the FuturesMonitortm you will be prompted to save the file fmsetup.exe. Save this file in a place that is easy to remember (like your desktop).

Step 2.
Double click on the fmsetup.exe to start the installation process. Unless you have a specific reason to do otherwise, choose the default setting throughout the install process.

Step 3.
At the end of the process please reboot your computer to finish the installation if prompted. licenses this product to each subscriber on an individual basis. Sharing your account name and password will disable your account. Please protect your username and password in order to insure an uninterrupted subscription.

By downloading and accessing the FuturesMonitortm application you are stating your acceptance and adherence to the disclaimer and Terms of Service agreements.

Download the FuturesMonitortm by clicking the icon:

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