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Opening the Monitor Options Window

The Monitor keeps Disconnecting

I can't Log in / password doesn't work

Turning Off the Monitor without Closing the Monitor.

Monitor Options Window

"I closed the Monitor Options Window on the left. Now how do I get it back?"

The Monitor Options window is displayed on the left side of the monitor. When it is open you'll notice a list of FuturesMonitor contributors. To close it, you can click on the "x" to the top right corner of the Options window. To Open it, press the control key and the "w" key on your keyboard at the same time ("ctrl"+"w"). Or go to the the "Tools" menu and select "view Options Window".

Monitor Disconnects

"The Monitor keeps disconnecting on me. What do I do to fix it?"

First, have you shared your password with anyone? If you log into the Monitor and then someone else logs into the monitor with your username and password you will be disconnected.

Second, if you're positive that duplicate logins are not the issue then odds are you are behind a firewall or using an older Linksys router on your network. Either one could be killing the connection to our server.

Please download and use the Market Monitor Proxy Client here.

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Can Not Login or Password Does Not Appear to Work

Have you shared your password with anyone? Multiple duplicate logins can temporarily shutdown your access to the monitor essentially locking you out.

If you continue to have problems, please contact Customer Service here: contact Customer Service

I want to Disconnect

"How do I disconnect from the Monitor without closing the program?"

Maybe you want to read the monitor without dealing with the instant refresh, or maybe you just need to disconnect but you don't want to close the monitor program.

Go to the "File" menu at the top left corner of the application. Select "connection" and you can "sign out". If you then want to later reconnect, click on "sign in".

If you just want to turn off the "instant refresh" please see our FAQ page.

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Fed's Drain, Equities' Pain
Futures Wrap -
January 23rd, 2005

This week saw strong net declines for equities, bonds and precious metals advanced. The US Dollar declined after giving up its gains for the week during Friday's session.

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