The FuturesMonitor is your window on the financial markets.

Serious traders looking to maximize their efforts look to the Futures Monitor as their edge.

The FuturesMonitor provides a live, real time streaming feed of analysis, comments, and trading ideas.

Are you looking to trade the E-minis? How about futures on the Dow Jones Industrials or the Nasdaq- 100? The FuturesMonitor is for you.

Have you wondered what it would be like to have a team of professionals analyzing the markets in real time and sharing their insights with you? You'll love the combination of the FuturesMonitor and the MarketMonitor as part of our subscription package.

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What Is The FuturesMonitortm?

The FuturesMonitortm is your window on the financial markets!

Whether you're trading the e-minis, futures on the Dow Jones or the NASDAQ-100 or just looking to stay informed with a constant stream of stock market analysis and coverage, the FuturesMonitortm is for you!

Individual traders looking to seriously maximize their efforts turn to the FuturesMonitortm as their edge.

We have a team of professionals working to keep you plugged in, up to date and on top of what's happening, what's moving and what's coming.

In addition to the FuturesMonitortm your subscription also includes the MarketMonitor packaged together to truly bring value and benefit to our members. The FuturesMonitor is focused on futures trading just as the MarketMonitor if focused on the major market indices, option trading and general market commentary and analysis.

We can't think of a better tool for traders than having both the FuturesMonitor and the MarketMonitor in one clean and easy to use package.

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