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...Better you teach us...

Just a note to say the method you are using in the monitor is great...makes the people following it to look and see what is going on, instead of following your plays blind....Better you teach us how to fish instead of just catching them for us.

Take care

BC, Canada

...Your is the best by far...

...I appreciate your insight and I have tried many subscriptions and yours is the best by far. You have a customer for life!

Mission Viejo, CA

...I used to belong to one of those other futures sites...

...It is as valuable to me to see how you learn as to what you teach. I feel fortunate that I can learn from someone with a similar trading personality, but much more experience. I've probably only traded about half of the calls you've made, and its the ones that I don't take from which I learn the most. I like the sound of the approach you outlined...

By the way, I used to belong to one of those other futures sites... I found their "systematic" approach rather mindless...

Rockville, MD

You are so wonderful! You treat me like I am someone special and important. I really appreciate that.


Santa Maria, CA

...More for our money!!...

I, for one, appreciate all that you say and do for us. I haven't seen any site that gives us more for our money!!

...I appreciate your "market view" and would like to see it continue without change...

Keep up the Good Work,

North Carolina

I think your method as suggested in your post about talking about what you see developing and then advise when and how you make your trade will be best.

I feel reasonably sure you are not going to make trades you don't have confidence in personally. I am looking at another service on a free trial basis right now that DOES NOT give trade signals, they only give S/R levels and what they think will be good entry/exit levels XXX - XXX. You have to decide for yourself where the exact action point is. They charge $150 a month for the subscription.



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Fed's Drain, Equities' Pain
Futures Wrap -
January 23rd, 2005

This week saw strong net declines for equities, bonds and precious metals advanced. The US Dollar declined after giving up its gains for the week during Friday's session.

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